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September 16, 2001

Dear Friends,

Ariel Publicity is thrilled to announce the participation as publicist for:

The Greatest Bars and Restaurants on Earth

A coalition of NYC food-service establishments
to raise money for the September 11th Fund.

This is an organized fund-drive to aid the victims of the WTC tragedy, their families, and all those whose basic ability to provide for themselves and their families was affected by the tragedy.

We are in need of volunteers in the tri-state area to go out to their area restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, delis or bars and ask them to sign up. Information on the drive and how any food-service establishment can participate is provided below.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who works in a restaurant, café, coffee shop, deli or bar.  We would also love it if you could pass this on to any food writer or critic you know. Please call Ariel Publicity if you would like further information about the founder of this coalition.

Thanks so much,


The Greatest Bars and Restaurants on Earth

A coalition of NYC food-service establishments to raise money for the September 11th Fund

This is a great way for NYC restaurateurs and food-service providers to give back to the community that has made their businesses a success, and made NYC famous worldwide for having "The Greatest Bars and Restaurants on Earth."  (The name of the coalition pays tribute to the bar that previously sat atop tower 1 of the WTC, "The Greatest Bar on Earth", while also emphasizing the heroism of the establishments that generously choose to participate in this effort).  It is the coalition's hope that any worry of "profit loss" you may experience in considering this opportunity will ultimately be alleviated by increased patronage at your establishment.

The drive starts September 24th, 2001 and goes to October 24th, 2001.  Participating establishments agree to donate 1% of their total sales for the period to the September 11th Fund [started by United Way and the New York Community Trust to assist families of victims of the WTC attack, go to or call (212) 251-4035.

Participating businesses will receive a poster to place in their front window (similar to or the same as what will be seen in print ads) with the name of the coalition and information on the fund-drive, so people will be able to easily identify participating establishments. Information on exactly where and when to send donations will be provided when the posters are distributed, just before the drive begins.

There will also be promotion donated by major media outlets with information about the drive and the names and addresses of all participating restaurants, organized by borough, so that people will be well informed and have a reference to hold onto for which businesses are participating in the drive.  Restaurants who choose to sign up after the drive has started will receive a poster for their window and benefit from ongoing publicity efforts to keep the public informed and participating.

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September 16, 2001Ariel

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September 11 and The Greatest Bars and Restaurants on Earth


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