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We have learned in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center that we can prevent terrorist acts on our nation. How do we know that? No subsequent attacks have occurred. And how did we do it? In several ways.

One of the primary actions was to appoint a chief of Homeland Security.
Voila! No more attacks. Other efforts that have succeeded as well include:

<caron> Continuation of the policy of asking the ""two stupid questions"" of airline passengers that were asked of the 9/11 terrorists. It didnt work with them, probably because they lied, but its working now.

<caron> Random searches of air passengers. Wheelchair-bound grandmothers and three-year-olds now know better than to smuggle assault weapons and explosives onto airplanes in their sneakers.

<caron> Forcing passengers to drink and eat of what they carry. Please pass the breast milk.

<caron> Addition of 30,000 to 40,000 airport security personnel to the Federal pay dole. When in doubt, Federalize.

<caron> Initiation of a Forever War on Terrorism, characterized by the Vice
President as a ""new normalcy."" We will probably win this war about the time we win the multi-trillion dollar War on Poverty and the ever-popular, now playing in your local downtown, War on Drugs.

<caron> Bombing Afghanis until the civilian death toll there more than equals the
civilian death toll here. A clear message to terrorists that if they bomb us, we will bomb someone else.

<caron> An increasing awareness of the inevitably that we must preemptively bomb Iraq. The message again, ""Al-Queda, if you bomb us, well bomb Iraq. Or somebody.""

These preventive measures have terrorists around the world shaking in their sandals. Theres no doubt that these efforts have been successful. There hasnt been an attack since last September.


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