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I was very disappointed with the path America took following the World Trade
Center attacks. The established protocol of the international courts could
have been utilized to bring the responsible to justice. But this
administration chose war, quickly bombing a country other than the one from
which the alleged hijackers came. With an attitude reminiscent of the wild
west, we set out to show that we are the best equipped nation and attacks on
us would bring swift retaliation. Our arrogant message served only to
increase hatred while seriously undermining support from those who would
have stood with us had we chosen the moral high ground of international law.

Our actions have increased Mid East tensions to critical levels. War has
historically proven to be a poor tool for carving out peace. Aggression only
begets aggression. Yet we do not learn from our mistakes.

Now we want to make nuclear weapons a standard part of our arsenal instead
of a weapon of last resort. Are Americans so busy savoring their macho
warrior image that they fail to see we are stoking the fires of further

I mourn for my country. We bomb the poorest out of their homes and leave
them without access to food and medicine. Our unmitigated arrogance (and our
quest to control the worlds resources) will never bring us closer to peace.
The terrorism of war can only generate more terrorism.


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